Will your business survive the COVID-19 crisis?

Will your business survive the COVID-19 crisis?

Businesses need to rethink their strategy and approach in order to survive the current crisis, irrespective of being safe, successful, or in difficulty.

1. Remember, with every difficulty there is ease, with every loss there is an opportunity. Was that’s how you started?

2. Be patient. You got this far. It’s just another challenge and test

3. Look after your well-being so you can look after your business and others

4. Ensure you are charitable in supporting and looking after your staff, customers, and stakeholders during this period

5. Think about offering free services to those in need. It’s an opportunity to give back, goodwill and it’s great marketing/ PR. It’ll come in handy once this is over/

6. Don’t be a FAT cat and start with yourself first by making necessary cutbacks.

7. Give as much charity in donations, services, and goods as you can

8. Diversify now and for the future. Think of new opportunities

9. Reach out to others, network, work together, develop new ideas and support each other.

10. Don’t forget things could be far worse. Reflect on those in Syria, Rohingya, those affected by war, disaster and poverty.

11. Engage with and support your community. If not now, then when? 

12. You can make a huge impact and it will have a huge impact on you.

13. Your wealth, assets, knowledge, and business are a test, learn to share it.

Together, we can make a change, we can build new partnerships, we can look at win-win situation. In the end when we make a change in people’s lives, they will make a change in our lives, we are all winners.

Your role as a business is not to make money but to make a change.

Give and you shall receive…

#givemore #getmore

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