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Top 10 Tips on How Every Entrepreneur Can Succeed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an indispensable platform that every entrepreneur can leverage to build their start-up the way they want. You can get many things done through Linkedin, faster without compromising on quality. So it makes sense to make Linkedin part of your plan.

There are at least 50 million pages on LinkedIn and the number is growing. If you have a corporate website, you should know that  46% of corporate website visits come from Linkedin.

 91% of CEOs make LinkedIn their first choice for the latest professional news. It is also a goldmine when it comes to reaching key decision-makers since 63 million users are in decision-making positions. So how do you leverage this platform to grow your business?

Here are 10 strategies to help you make Linkedin a catalyst of growth. 

1. Build a WOW LinkedIn Profile

This probably sounds like a cliche but you need a professional profile that reflects the experiences and skills that you possess. This must be presented in What Other’s Want (WOW) framework. The WOW framework is where you presented your skills and experiences as solutions to challenges that Linkedin user that you want to target. This may sound hard but once you gain clarity on who you are trying to target, it becomes easier.

2. Tap into Insider Knowledge on LinkedIn

You can gain insight into the challenges, that a particular industry is struggling with simply by following the entrepreneurship groups. The discussions that take place there are very invaluable. Here is where you’ll get insights and ideas about what topics your potential clients are interested in and what services they might need. 

3. LinkedIn Influencers

It helps if you follow the top influencers related to your field, entrepreneurship, and marketing. The points of view they present, the articles and posts they write are usually based on a time-tested strategy. These influencers are actually unofficial mentors, whose advice you can rely on. Only people who are highly accomplished are given the title Linkedin Influencers. They are like mentors that you can keep on your phone.  

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4. Put Out Content Consistently

There is a lot of people, who put out content on Linkedin but only a few are able to do it with Istiqomah (consistently). You should write useful posts on a regular basis, this way you will build reputation and credibility. You must do this, consistently, it helps if you have a content plan and don’t just rely on an unpredictable burst of inspiration.

5. Connect and Engage

You should connect with people that you can collaborate with you should not limit this to just people who you think can be potential clients. Connecting is only one part of the game, you need to engage with your connections. You can start by commenting on their post and they will reciprocate. 

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6. Your Own Company Page

Create a page for your company on LinkedIn. It is important for your company to have an official representation on the platform. The company page contains tools that help you include details about your offers, services, your products, highlight your customers ’recommendations, and add photos to make your products really stand out. Share your personal post on your company page and vice versa.

7. Social Proof

LinkedIn has an important feature that can skyrocket your professional credibility. You should ask for recommendations from people that have work with you. Recommendations from LinkedIn members are social proof of your competency. Recommendations create a great impression on potential clients

8. Be Authentic

LinkedIn is not Facebook where people try to portray they are living the life they don’t yet have. On LinkedIn, you’ll be respected more if you share the challenges and willing to talk about things that don’t make you sound like a hero all the time. Strangely, that seems to build a long-lasting professional relationship. 

9. Have a Plan

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a small business owner, it is important to have a business plan with LinkedIn to contribute effectively to move your business to the next level, raise the level of your company’s vision, build business relationships, secure clients and convert them into loyal customers, and enhance your chance for an investor to notice your business to obtain the necessary financing.

10. Share your Expertise

Every now and then you see people reaching out to help most of the time it is because they lost their job. This is when you should reach out offer help, it can be your expertise or just a shoulder to cry on. You should do this without expecting anything in return. What you put out you always get back.

A final tip for entrepreneurs

LinkedIn is like anything else, only works if you invest your time in it. It’s not a magic tool, you can’t just create a profile today and get clients tomorrow. The rewards are amazing for those who give it time, effort, and planning. 

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