The Success Formula for Entrepreneurs

How To Make Your First Million

“The first thing about making a million is about creating wealth, is a journey, not a destination. So when you start on your journey, the challenge most people have is that they want it instantly, they want it quick and easy.”

“Understand that if you refuse to give up if you decide to become unstoppable, there’s nothing stopping you. As you experience failures, take full responsibility. Successful people do not point fingers at others.”

We spoke with Tahir Hussain, author of the book, ‘The Unstoppable Millionaire: 9 Simple Steps to Stay Undefeated. It is about the success formula successful people have, and how to achieve business success.

According to Tahir, successful people take full responsiblity, regardless of the circumstance. That’s not saying you’re lying, but by blaming others, its not serving you to be where you should go next.

Background of Success Formula

Tahir Hussain is an entrepreneur, author, life and wealth coach, where he trains people to be successful entrepreneurs via his orgarnization he founded, Unstoppable Millionaire Academy.

He grew up in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He came from humble background, and yet by the age of seventeen, he was able to start his own business developing and selling websites and by the age of twenty-one, he had a million dollar business. His goal was to earn enough money to study in the USA, and he was able to do that where he studied software engineering.

After graduating from university, he returned to Dubai and ventured into the real estate business, where he found success and became a millionaire by the age of 27. He started as a freelancer, then started a real estate company, thereafter he went into project management, before finally becoming a property developer.

“When I started my first venture in real estate, I would take two shirts to travel on a bus because I didn’t have a car. It was pretty hot in Dubai in July, I had to change shirts and had to be presentable in front of the client. I had to wake up at 4 a.m and go through all of that process. The easiest thing for me then was to give up.”

“All of us have this choice in our lives, wherever we are right now. Understand the struggle is real. Understand that if you refuse to give up, there’s nothing stopping you. But as you experience failure, it took me eight months to close my first real estate deal, I wasn’t paid my commission because I wasn’t good enough to protect myself. Sure I can blame others, but I take full responsility.”

“Alhamdulillah, there was barakah in the business and we were able to make some amazing money.”

The Success Formula

According to Tahir, people who are successful time and time again have a success formula.

“The formula is hustling, drilling, grinding, learning the skills and have the art of adapting a certain part of failure that comes with a project or, businesss. That’s become the key that they are so passionate about delivering their area of expertise that they become success magnets.”

“When I say they become sucess magnets, at times, these people do go through their failures. One of the things you see me talk a lot on stage is about failures, because I don’t want to see people to have this wrong impression that when we start doing some business, magically it becomes big [success].”

“No, we have our own fair share of failures and challenges. that we have to go through before we make it happen and it looks pretty nice and easy at the end.”

“Giving up feels a lot easier when you’re new in a business or anything new at all, because there’s a high level of uncertainty and failure. Giving up is when you feel you’re not good enough. ‘What am I doing here?‘ and ‘This is not for me‘, and all these limiting beliefs, these inner voices, that tell you to give up.”

“So if you give in [to giving up], then you have lost because failing is not an option. “

The Unstoppable Millionaire Academy

“That’s why the Unstoppable Millionaire Academy is about why would you shouldn’t give up. The defining moment of a person who is ready to become successful versus the person who gives up too quickly. “

It is about consistency, its about istiqomah.

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“Just think about the early days of Islam, before it became widespread. What our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. had to go through just to preach. “

“Literraly, everything comes with its own set of challenges. Some of them becomes easier although that’s not usually the case. I think being consistent by doing things that didn’t work, and changing them, and make sure they work for you.”

“Of course, this is with the presumption that everything is halal and with Allah s.w.t’s blessing. That is the core level of belief even before you can start.”

Islamic Self-Development And Qadr

“While Islam says to believe in taqdir, fate, providence (Qadr), at the same time, Islam talks about going and giving your best shot.”

“Just like our prophet s.a.w.. He wasn’t just sitting at home. He was hurt. He was emotionally hurt, so much so that there are ayah in the Quran that talk about this. He had to go through all of that.”

“Why didn’t Allah s.w.t. in His Infinite Wisdom just gift him everything while he was sitting at home?”

“That alone give us a clue that while our belief is in taqdir, Allah s.w.t does in His Infinite Wisdom does for us, at the same time, we should give everything we’ve got in ourselves to say that ‘Yes, I’ve done it‘.”

“However, here’s the dangerous part. As a Muslim, if I were to talk the full credit [for success], then that is dangerous. No. Sure you put in the hard work, but without Allah s.w.t’s Mercy and Blessings, we can’t do much.”

“So I believe in going all out, of someone who puts his heart and soul into their venture, into their job, versus someone who doesn’t do their work.”

Spirituality as an important factor of success

“If you’re not a spiritual person, you’re missing out a huge component in your life. Success without fulfilment, which is your spirituality, which is at the heart of what you’re doing helps communities, empowers lives, changes lives, whether in a job or a business.”

“If you don’t believe that and you became successful, you would be in a lot of pain. Not physical pain, but spiritually, internally, you would feel hollow.”

“Such examples would be celebrities who killed themselves. Eventually you would feel hollow because you thought all there was a dream house, a big car, a dream vacation, and a big bank balance. After you achieve those, and you don’t feel fulfilled, that means something big is missing.”

“So a way to go around that is, in a job, as a public servant, is “How am I serving the community?‘ In a business, is ‘How is the business serving the community?’

Barakah in business

“Without barakah, nothing else matters.”

“Stick with the halal, even if it looks small compared to the haram, because it’s not worth your life here or the akhirah. That’s barakah. “

“Give everything you’ve got, because always know that Allah has got your back. That’s the belief you want to have. “

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