InkHouse Copywriting Agency Owner Shares Tips on How To Start a Copywriting Business

You probably can name your favorite or well-known authors, but you would have hardly heard of a famous copywriter. Yet, you’ve probably read a copy written by a copywriter more recently than you would have read of an author. So what is a copywriter, what does a copywriter do, and can copywriting be a business?

A copywriter writes marketing materials to sell products or services for companies, whether in the form of advertisements, brochures, banners, websites, social media, emails, or even company profiles. The written content, known as copy, aims to create awareness and persuade the readers. Copywriters can work in marketing departments, or public relations and advertising agencies, or are self-employed as freelancers.

We spoke with Eman Ismail, copywriter, and owner of InkHouse, a creative copywriting agency based in the UK. Sister Eman started her copywriting business after deciding to leave her job in a charity organization, as she had a young son whom she did not spend enough time with, due to the commuting and office hours required of her job.

Copywriters work from home

Copywriters can work from anywhere as long as there is a computer and the internet. Copywriters who work in large corporations often have to work in the office (prior to COVID-19), and in smaller agencies and freelancers, they normally work from home.

That flexibility is part of the reason Eman decided to start a copywriting business, and she highlighted that, “It’s so flexible. You can take your work with you whenever you want. You can even go on holiday and take it with you.”

A demand for copywriters

“Most businesses have to move online, because of COVID-19. As businesses move online, they need copy. Alhamdulillah, the market for copywriters have just got stronger.”

“When starting a copywriting business, it’s not going to be a sustainable business at the beginning. It will take time to grow your copywriting business”, according to Eman.

How to find your first copywriting client

Eman’s advice for people who are switching careers into copywriting is to be vocal and tell everyone they know about their new copywriting career. This can be done by:

  • Updating your Facebook and LinkedIn profile to state your new copywriting business
  • Tell all your friends and networks about your new copywriting business
  • Email all of your contacts
  • Tell all of your networks and former colleagues at work, where you used to work, with “I am now a copywriter, and I can help you with this …. Would you be interested in hiring me?”

“You’ll be surprised by how much work you can find from your network. That was how I started.”

“Everybody knows a business owner. At the beginning of your copywriting business, or freelancing career, everyone is a potential client. Then as you progress in your [copywriting] career, you can focus on your ideal clients.”

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“Don’t be embarrassed to ask people for [copywriting] work.”

Tawakkul in Business

As Muslims, Eman emphasized the importance of having Tawakkul, trusting Allah’s s.w.t., in your business. “Doing the best that you can Islamically, and in your business dealings. Allah is [ultimately] responsible for giving clients, taking away clients. It’s important to have tawakkal, and it brings a lot of good as well.”

Advice on starting a copywriting business

“Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, by investing in a copywriting course. However, to find one that is suitable, make sure the course is highly recommended or is recommended by someone you know.”

“I myself have spent thousands of pounds on copywriting courses, which made me a better copywriter, and that has been a very big reason my business is increasing, Alhamdulillah. “

“For anyone thinking about starting a copywriting business, to do it. It’s okay to not jump into the business. It’s okay to do it on the side to a full-time job and then transition into the [copywriting] business slowly, as you get more work. But definitely have confidence and faith in your abilities. And know that Allah azza wajal can make anything possible for you.”

Halalop Editor’s Note: Sister Eman has also written an article here on 6 Lessons I Learned When I Quit My Job and Started A Business. She also has a copywriting course – Be Your Own Copywriter for business owners to write their own copy.

If you’re looking into generating an income by starting a copywriting business or as a freelance copywriter, do download a free book on starting copywriting at Google Play Books titled, “WANTED NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED: How to Generate Income from Writing in The Next 30 Days“, authored by our own editor, Shahfizal.

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