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Growing Online Sales Through Halal Lifestyle Marketplace

While there are plenty of B2C e-commerce marketplaces available now, none are in the market that offers halal products or Muslim-friendly products for direct to consumers, with one exception.

Halal B2C Ecommerce Marketplace

MyHalMart is a global lifestyle online marketplace that offers halal food and lifestyle products to consumers. It targets the Muslim community with its range of halal or Muslim-friendly products, and was one of the exhibitors at the Ecommerce Day 2019 event organized by MDEC. 

MyHalMart offers such a platform for individuals and companies who want to market their halal or Muslim-friendly products on its platform. 

Among its offerings are free product listings, fast fulfillment, and a safe payment gateway. 

Halal markets and halal products are now no longer restricted to just the food industry, but also other sectors such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and personal care products. 

Among the items listed on MyHalMart, other than food products, are clothing detergents, personal care products, beauty products such as face masks as well as Muslim swimwear (commonly referred to as burkini). 

Halal Verified But Not Halal Certified

For sellers who want to sell their Muslim-friendly products, but which do not have halal certification for those products, MyHalMart partners with its sister company to provide lab testing, at an additional fee. 

The lab testing will verify that such Muslim-friendly products do not contain any pork-dna or contain any alcohol. This is especially useful for personal care and cosmetics, such as lipstick or facial cream. 

The lab testing is conducted by its sister company, Halvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd, a Jakim lab partner. Jakim is Malaysia’s only certification body, which is part of Malaysia’s Islamic authority. 

However, it’s important to note that while the lab testing can verify the halal-ness of the product, it cannot provide certification of Halal for the products it tests. 

Part of A Halal Ecosystem

MyHalMart is owned by Global Haltech, which aims to cover three areas of the Halal ecosystem: Halal lab testing services, Halal testing kits, Halal application, training and consultancy, and of course, trade of Halal products. 

Growing Online Sales Through Multiple Marketplaces

A quick search on the internet, we found that even MyHalMart cross promotes its products on other marketplaces. 

Online sellers should not limit the sale of their products through one channel only. 

Sellers can now sell across a broad range of platforms, from social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest to various marketplaces, such as eBay, Lazada or Shopee. 

By selling on more platforms and e-commerce marketplaces, sellers will get more visibility, reach more people and get more sales. Listing products on MyHalMart gives the advantage of buyers who are seeking Muslim-friendly and halal products.

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