5 Top Little Known Reasons Why it is Important to Learn Arabic

Many of us don’t think that we could learn anything from the Arabs except disunity and incessant conflicts. With over 13 000 000 (still counting) people in need of humanitarian aid in Syria no wonder this perception of ‘Arabs has nothing to offer’ is etched in our minds. 

Well, there was a time when people who speak the Arabic language pioneered the field of innovation and almost every field of knowledge. 

If you are Muslim or someone who is a seeker of the truth nothing can give you more conviction then learning the language of the Quran which happens to be Arabic.  It comes with a 1,400 years unbeaten challenge which we will discuss a bit further down this article.


Language of Excellence

Under the Abbasid rule from Baghdad (750-1258 A.D.), Arabic literature which has its very foundation in the Quran reached its golden age. It reaches a new level of sophistication. Interestingly the Quran is not only the path to greatness for Muslims.  Many scholars, Arabs, and non-Arabs, Muslims, Christians and Jews, participated in the development of intellectual life using Arabic as their preferred language. 

Jewish Golden Age

This will send many into shock, denial simply the resentment that Jews and Muslims have towards each other. Yet, Judaism golden age which gave birth to many great Jewish scholars.was during the Islamic rule in Andalus. Many books on Judaism which are now considered foundational Classics were written in Arabic. 

So there is something about this language that seems to unite enemies into friends, propel anyone to greatness regardless of race and religion. So we need to revive this tradition of ‘Ihsan’ (excellence) by uniting Muslim ummah with one single language which is Arabic.

Brain Workout

Learning Arabic gives you mental stimulation which is far greater than if you were to learn English or Hebrew. This could help keep learners’ brains healthy as they age. Mental stimulation has been shown to prevent degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, and the added effort involved in learning Arabic could make it beneficial in keeping your brain healthy. 

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Unparalleled Precision

What is Arabic in the first place?  The word Arabiya comes from Ar’aba which means to make something crystal clear so as to leave no doubt as to what was implied. Why was it chosen to be the language of revelation? Nobody knows for sure, but one of the reasons which are clear is its precise nature.   A language is nothing more than thoughts that are put together in a form of speech. This can be written or Oral. The Quran which is the foundation of Arabic Grammar has an oral tradition, meaning it is transmitted orally. It is very much like a speech. 

If you have done transcribing of speeches, you’ll know you will be surprised at the number of mistakes made by the speaker, from grammar, pronunciation, unnecessary repetition and etc.  It’ll make you wonder, who let this guy loose on the stage. If you don’t edit out and acrobatically rephrases the paragraphs the massage would be lost. However, the Quran has none of these common mistakes. 

An open Challenge

Not many people know that The Quran has issued a challenge some 1400 years ago. This challenge is very much like ‘Money back guarantee’ only its a million times more powerful and reliable. This challenge was issued in the Quran to skeptics asking them to produce something similar to the Quran. 

The bar was lowered to make the challenge easier. Several times!. In one place, it challenged skeptics to produce the like of the Qur’an. In another place, it says to produce half of the Qur’an. It keeps making the challenge easier. In one other place it says, produce only one Surah (Chapter). How long was this Surah? It only contains 3 Ayah (verse) and can be recited in a single breath. 

The challenge still stands until today after more than 1400 years. There were many attempts throughout the centuries but none could even come close. Many who tried either failed or reverted to Islam.


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